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SPAC Stocks

A Beginner’s Guide To SPAC Stocks in 2022

The year 2021 has been filled with many surprises in the field of businesses and corporations. For instance,  the surge in SPACs has made analysts coin 2021 as the “Year of the SPAC.” In the prev…

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Appreciate and Near Going Public via SPAC

Rental Marketplace Appreciate is going public via SPAC Rental Marketplace Appreciate has announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement with SPAC PropTech Investment II Corp. (Nasdaq: PT…

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APSG is Approved for Business Combination and New SPAC IPO filing

Apollo Strategic Growth Capital (APSG) SPAC Deal Approved On 26 May 2022, a special meeting was held between SPAC APSG and American Express Global Business Travel. After the meeting, they announced th…

Best SPAC to Invest

Best SPACs to Invest in 2022

2021 has been a trending year for companies to go public through SPACs. Tons of companies from Europe & North America adopted SPAC for their investment. Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) …

Blank Check Company

Blank Check Company: How Blank Check Companies work

The blank check companies have taken the investment world by storm. If you have been following the recent  IPOs, you would realize that most are blank check companies.  We do not blame you i…

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COVA Acquisition Announced $3.82 Billion SPAC Deal and Two SPAC Deals Terminated

COVA Acquisition Corp. (Nasdaq: COVA), a special purpose acquisition company has announced its business combination agreement with mobility tech company ECAX Holdings. The combined company is approxim…

Day trading and how to get started?

Day Trading and How to Get Started?

Day Trading is one of those words that has a lot of different definitions. Even here at SPACrun, we’ve heard the term many times and gotten confused as to what it means. Now, we’ll try to …

De-SPAC Process

De-SPAC Process | Definition and Important Considerations

De-SPAC Definition De-SPAC is the process of acquiring a private company that wants to go public via a Special Purpose Acquisition Company(SPAC). SPACs are the alternative routes to go public for priv…


Derivatives Definition: Types, Benefits and Risks of investing

What are Derivatives? Derivatives are financial contracts between two or more parties whose value is derived from the performance of their underlying assets. Here the assets could be stocks, bonds, cu…


Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) Definition and its Types

An ETF or exchange-traded fund is a combined collection of securities such as stocks, bonds, and commodities. ETFs are investment vehicles that are similar to mutual funds but are different based on t…

form 10q vs 10k

Form 10Q vs 10K | Definition, Information and Top Differences

10K and 10Q both are financial documents created by the US public companies to show the status of their business performance. Both documents are submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission as …

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Grindr LLC is Going Public via SPAC Deal and New SPAC IPOs

Grindr LLC is going public via SPAC deal Grindr, a gay community targeting dating app has agreed to go public via a SPAC Tiga Acquisition Corp. (NYSE: TINV).  The combined company will be valued …

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